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recipe development...possibly a little too fizzy

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One thing I talk about in my ebook (to be out in the next few months) is how many indie casual restaurants fail at the point where they need to look at scaling up. I've worked with a couple of places that made the move from menus of burgers or pizzas or similar to something where bulk production is better, a factor behind the barbecue craze of the last few years here in England.

Many pubs and restaurants have had complaints over their serving of dishes that frankly should never be on a general menu. Jay Rayner wrote an excellent piece on the subject for the Guardian. Anyway, good excuse to don an apron.

Also, as people that have me on instagram will have noticed, I've been trying out some beverage recipes recently. I'm trying to work out a way of producing or having someone else produce a small range of soft drinks for adults I can sell to the on-trade. Think of them as less J2O and more G&T replacement. I'm pretty excited about this one, even if they never make it to retailers and consumers it's an enjoyable thing to be working on.


Bits and pieces


I'm some way into writing a novella that's essentially based on the Hobbit but with a different perspective and a lot of political and social stuff in there. The tone I'm going for is somewhere between Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams which balances well with the content I think. Good bit of fun and it sent me off on another tangent.

Been learning React-Native (with the expo-cli client) because I always found the Android Studio and ADB business so frustrating to work with. Writing an app with React Native is really great for me because it's so much like web development.

Having been playing games like Proteus and with the music I enjoy it occurred to me to try and come up with my own take on the trend for minimalism of design and try and create something fun to do but in a severely restricted way. I'll give further updates on this over the next few weeks I'm sure but for now imagine an adventure game (like from a Spectrum or something) but from the perspective of the final boss.

Other things I've been playing at doing lately include building an arcade cabinet with an old CRT monitor, some homemade skincare recipes, writing a series of educational play activities for youngsters.

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