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Who is this Nico chap anyway?

Originally an enthusiast of pubs and restaurants, around a decade ago I started writing about booze and food for student mags, soon finding myself coordinating large groups of volunteer writers. At that time I took my first jobs in the trade, collecting glasses at my local on weekends and supervising the refurbishment of closed venues.

My background in physics and data analysis propelled me swiftly into roles where I could use statistical methods to drive service and sales. In my subsequent decade in the hospitality industry I've cooked for the cast and crew of Star Wars, mixed drinks for pop stars and actors, been top of TripAdvisor in two cities and managed multiple award winning venues.

I've tasted several thousand beers and hundreds of gins to write perfect drinks menus, I've racked cask ales in the bowels of a Victorian warship, I've cooked, extracted or brewed more ingredients than I can remember right now. Whether it's butchery and barbecue or homegrown microherbs and haute cuisine, I've given it a go.

Now I help bars and restaurants unlock their potential.


What are my methods?


My philosophy revolves around the creation of positive feedback loops that develop and re-enforce quality and efficiency in your team from the bottom up.

Combining the tried-and-tested Japanese industrial systems of continuous incremental improvement and the scientific method of hypothesising, testing, analysing and reviewing, I build lightweight routines where your staff themselves are able to identify areas of potential improvement and produce measurable results.

I take a holistic view and deliver a personal experience for my clients, producing simple but effective training materials for your team and identifying the initial areas of focus to kickstart the process.

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What services do I offer?

I have a range of packages to suit the wide variety of needs that exist in this industry.

At a basic level I can provide materials for your management to understand the process and systems I have developed and apply these in their own way to your venue. The top package includes a personal onboarding kit for new recruits to your business, a training day with your current team, an incognito visit to your venue, individual social media marketing tips for your management and, where possible, a detailed analysis of your sales data to identify opportunities.

Contact me to discuss your venue, and together we can build a package to suit your needs and budget.

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I have particular experience in craft beer and cocktails, expansions and relaunches, corporate bookings and events.
Let me know your situation for an honest appraisal of what I can offer and how we could work together.

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